The Inauguration

If Jay Leno cornered me on the street, pressed a camera and microphone in my face and asked me to describe the “American Way,” I’d probably say it is a pyramid scheme that fronts as a company selling goods that no one really needs.  I’m not very political or nationalistic and have serious doubts about the American dream (which is a subject for another time).   Despite my lagging patriotism, I was enthralled by the Inauguration of 2009.  It was a big deal.  Famous singers belting out timeless American folk tunes, an original poem for the occasion, a presidential speech, pomp, circumstance and confetti.  I was impressed and it felt great to take part in the inauguration, if only from my living room.

I’ve been thinking of blogging for over a year now.  But first, in typical Corrie fashion, I had to take time to hem and haw,  to question why I should blog, to decide what I wanted to be about, to worry about being a conformist,  to gather the opinions of others, and generally to be scared of all the potential implications blogging might have for my life.  Just like the media coverage of the political campaigns of 2008, I got sick of thinking of blogging from every angle.  I lost my ability to keep the issues straight.  Like preparing to do my American duty and vote, I reached a point where I couldn’t take in any more opinions or debates or ads.  I just needed to vote and get on with life.

The votes are in and I elected to create a blog.  Obviously.  I’m a little worried about this whole thing, but maybe there are things to discover on this keyboard that I could never have imagined.  I’m hoping for a bright future.  I’m going to choose to be optimistic about blogging, though I don’t imagine I will ever become more optimistic about politics.

This day, this post, is a big deal for me.  It’s inauguration day.  If I had the time, I’d hold a ceremony, write a poem about my journey here, give a speech, invite Over the Rhine to compose and perform a song in my honor, drink champagne, dance around the mall and kiss perfect strangers.  (Well, maybe not the kissing part.)  (Definitely not the kissing part.)  But this is an inauguration and its a big deal.  Congratulations are welcome.

I promise to work hard.  I hope I don’t disappoint you.   If I do, please throw confetti anyway.

15 thoughts on “The Inauguration

  1. Look at all these comments. Watch out Corrie. Mistake #1 made by many an aspiring blogger: having unrealistic expectations about comments being received for every single post. It happens to the best of us. We receive 10 comments for our inaugural post and then they begin to dwindle. “What?” we ask ourselves, “I thought I was the center of the universe and everything revolved around me and my blog.” Nay, my friend. I say, nay. It ain’t so. Prepare yourself for the sad days with no comments. Let this not deter you, though. Keep blogging. For even though people leave off commenting, they keep on reading.

  2. Coco,

    Confetti! So glad you’re doing this– I’d like to give this pomp and circumstance like the presidential inauguration and feel far less conflicted about this than voting. With full confidence, you have my vote. Here, here! love, ashley

  3. I loved your first post. I will be your loyal follower and fan if there is more where that came from. Unfortunately no champaign in your honor, as I live on a dry campus in a country where love for Jesus is measured by how much you (do not) drink. Looking forward to more!

  4. At first I thought someone had beat me to the first comment, but then I realized it was just Mr. WordPress. I am excited to watch your blog unfold and to read some of the writing I hear much about. I have great hopes for your blogging future, and join you in celebration! You have my vote.


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