Welcome Christ Again


May the Lord bless you
with belonging in your loneliness,
healing in your brokenness,
restoration in your weariness
and joy in the midst of sorrow and struggle.

Have confidence that this is God’s will,
God’s work in you.

Remember — you are created,
born again
and set free,
by the only living God.

Our God is Yahweh – I AM,
Immanuel – God with us,
Comforter of our troubled souls.

Our God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
the only always-good King
of the only never-ending kingdom.

Rejoice with me sisters and brothers!
Rejoice because our Savior is coming,
has come,
and will come again.
Celebrate that Christ is born.
Celebrate the King who captured your heart.

worship —
so the world will know —

Christ has come.
Christ has come to give.
Christ has come to give new life.
Christ has come to give new life to all.
Christ has come to give new life to all who receive him.

Welcome Christ.
Welcome Christ again.
Welcome Christ always!

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